Caring for FINEX Cookware

Caring for FINEX Cookware

FINEX Cast Iron

FINEX is a Portland based company that is dedicated to making quality cookware that stands the test of time. Their inspiration was the hardworking history of American cast-iron and to provide a skillet that would offer a soulful cooking experience and look good while doing it. FINEX has built functional, durable cast iron cookware that will stand up to an open flame, elevate a meal in the dining room, all while lasting a lifetime.

Unlike other iron cast iron, your FINEX cookware comes pre-seasoned to a golden bronze that’s ready to go right out of the box.

The first few times you cook, it is recommended using a bit more oil than usual to build up the seasoning. The team at FINEX personally recommend using bacon on new pans to build up the seasoning. They also recommend holding off on cooking acidic foods the first few times you use your cookware as it will handle it a lot easier once the seasoning has built up.

When it comes to cleaning your FINEX, it is best to wash by hand immediately after use with warm water. Rule of thumb, it is always easier to clean while the pan is still warm.

Rust is easily a common problem with cast iron however, to avoid rust, do not soak, leave in the sink or put in the dishwasher.

After cleaning, wipe dry and buff in a light coating of oil and warm on the stove or in the oven to evaporate moisture. This also leaves your pan ready to use next time.

Overtime your seasoning will darken from a golden bronze to a glossy black. Your pan will also develop a cohesive seasoning the more you use it- FINEX just gets better with age!