Replete's Story

Replete Food Company is regarded as a "Taupo institution" and was established in 1993 by it's present owners, Chris and Kathy Johnston. 

Chris and his sister, Sarah, were the "brain child" of Replete's cafe originally selling a wide range of deli products, anything from home-made stilton pate to bacon and egg pie, from their cabinet. Their objective, as it's name suggests, was to have the cabinet completely stocked with tasty but simple food, and for their customers to feel replete. 

It's furniture, 9 matai high stools and a few leaners, which are still surviving the test of time, were designed by well known designer, David Truebridge. They allowed cafe dwellers to sit at or lean against a table, whilst enjoying the pure taste of Millers coffee. Millers Coffee (set 1988) a green blend of Arabica beans, has always sourced their beans from the same three countries (Papua New Guinea, Colombia and Kenya), and their blend has remained unchanged since their onset. 

It wasn't long before Replete's reputation was spreading across the country and it was a compulsory meet and greet for many travelers to Taupo. In 1995, Sarah sold her share of the business to Greg Heffernan, former Head Chef of Huka Lodge. With demand came expansion and gradually Replete moved into the next door shop, set up a store providing the best in kitchenware and food products, offered cooking classes, and created more space for its devoted customers! 

In 1999, after 6 busy years in a business partnership, it was time for Greg to spread his wings so Chris and Kathy bought Greg Heffernan's share of Replete, and remain sole owners of it to this day. During the past 30 years, Replete has won numerous awards, both local and national, and it continues to attract return customers. It's philosophy remains unchanged, to provide great customer service and to have the cabinet completely stocked with tasty but simple food.