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Sori Yanagi

Sori Yanagi | Kettle | Stainless Steel

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The Stainless Steel Kettle is the signature product designed by Sori Yanagi.

Due to its subtle shape, the manufacturing of this kettle involves an elaborate process - the welding and grinding require the expertise of fifteen small factories. As a result, only 2000 of these kettles can be produced a month, turning the boiling of water into art. This matte-finished stainless steel kettle is lightweight, durable, and the wide flat base is designed for rapid boiling. The offset ergonomic bakelite handle makes it a joy to pour.

Japanese kettles don't whistle - traditionally, they used to sit on top of a freestanding stove in the kitchen in winter to keep the room warm and moist like a modern-day humidifier and always ready with hot water for making tea and cooking.

Specifications | 

244mm x 190mm x 205mm, 2500ml, 820g, 18-8 stainless steel & bakelite

Hand wash using soap and hot water, as a dishwasher may damage the Bakelite handle.