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Barebones | Japanese Nata Hatchet

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A nod towards the timeless design of Japanese implements, the Nata Hatchet is as handsome as it is functional. With a wide bevel and serious heft, this hatchet handles controlled chopping, kindling splitting, and trimming with ease. The extra-long edge makes it a go-to for pruning, debarking, and removing limbs. Durable, smooth hardwood walnut handle reduces vibration in hand and resists cracking over time. Intentional details like the copper lanyard ring elevate this hatchet to an impressive quality. The Nata Hatchet is the perfect outdoor tool to add to your wilderness arsenal.

Specifications |

5mm thick x 180mm blade, stainless steel, Japanese-inspired design, durable walnut handle with copper lanyard ring, balanced for controlled chopping and trimming, rugged and mold-resistant polyester sheath, copper-finished snap closure with leather strap, heavy-duty stainless steel rivets, metal belt clip