Slow Fashion with Dinadi Knitwear

Slow Fashion with Dinadi Knitwear

Dinadi is all about slow fashion, making sustainable and ethical knitwear all while bringing a positive social impact to Nepal. It was started in 2016 in Kathmandu by Preston and Mirjam who launched Dinadi from their own living room. During the first 6 months, they trained 40 knitters and released their first collection which consisted of 5 designs in 3 colours on Kickstarter. Their campaign exceeded their goal by more than 200%. The demand has only grown from there! 

Dinadi’s vision has not changed which is to create fair employment opportunities for Nepali women and to produce sustainable, timeless, and high-quality knitwear. Transparency is at the core of all the work they do to ensure that their vision remains the navigator in all areas of the business even when it is not as the easy option.

Each yarn fibre has unique qualities and characteristics but the one characteristic that is the same for all Dinadi’s yarns is that they are all 100% natural, no plastics to be found. They use Merino from South Africa, Yak from the Tibetan Plateau and Cashmere from Mongolia.

In every product you will find a knitter signature. A personal connection to the person behind each piece. From there, you can meet the team online to match the signature.

Preston and Mirjam still live in Nepal and believe in still doing everything in-house whether that is training knitters, designing new collections, or marketing. By living in Kathmandu, they can be hands-on involved, oversee all areas and maximize transparency and social impact. They can proudly say that their Nepali managers are a part of furthering both the social mission and high-quality production.