Ww Are Feel Good Sunscreens

We Are Feel Good

Inspired by the quote "Create that which you wish to see in the world" a group of six friends decided to do just that! 

This friend group, made out of three couples, including a doctor, a builder and a professional surfer decided that there was a gap in the market for good sunscreen that they could 'feel good' in and trust to use on the whole family. 

Their founding product, 'we are feel good signature sunscreen' is Australian made and owned, and not only holds up in the toughest of climates, it also nourishes and supports the skin without compromising sun protection. 

Their product range has now grown to include skincare for the whole body, a couple of our favourites include the Coco Milk which feels amazing on the skin as a moisturiser at the end of the day, as well as the Cocoa Lip Balm which we find we only have to use a couple times a day it's that moisturising! 

Living in Taupo, We Are Feel Good is an all time favourite after a day on the mountain in winter or after a day at the lake in summer. The protection and hydration these products provide after time spent in all types of elements is unmatched.