Potters | Riccardo Scott

Potters | Riccardo Scott

I was first introduced to Riccardo by fellow artists, Scott Brough and Yasmin Dubrau. They met at a pottery retreat at Driving Creek Railway and immediately struck up a great friendship. We feel very privileged to represent Riccardo's work in our store.

Nestled in the picturesque landscapes of the Coromandel, Riccardo Scott, a passionate ceramic artist, has seamlessly woven his Italian roots with the rich artistic tapestry of his current surroundings. Born in Italy, Riccardo's journey in the realm of ceramics has been nothing short of transformative, evolving from a background in art and design to a flourishing career as a ceramic artist.

With just over two years dedicated to the craft, Riccardo has become an integral part of the pottery team at Driving Creek Railway, a place steeped in history and artistry. The idyllic location has become not just a workplace for Riccardo, but a nurturing ground where his artistic endeavors have taken root and flourished.

One of the remarkable aspects of Riccardo's work is his deep connection to the environment. His ceramics are a testament to the grounding influence of his surroundings in the Coromandel. This connection is further enriched by the vibrant history of art at Driving Creek, where the constant flow of artists contributes to an ever-evolving creative atmosphere.

Riccardo's primary focus lies in wood firing, a technique that infuses his creations with a distinctive character. His fascination with locally sourced materials adds an extra layer of authenticity to his pieces. Many of the glazes and clay he employs are harvested from the very land that envelops his studio. Through this deliberate choice, Riccardo embarks on a meaningful pursuit, exploring the boundless possibilities of creating art within the parameters of his immediate environment.

Collaboration has been a key facet of Riccardo's artistic journey. Teaming up with fellow artists Carolina Izzo (his mother) and Olivia Jackson-Mee, he played an instrumental role in gilding the roof of the new chapel at Holy Trinity Cathedral in Parnell. This collaboration not only showcases Riccardo's versatility but also underscores the communal spirit that thrives within the artistic community.

Riccardo Scott's story is a testament to the power of passion and adaptability in the realm of art. From his roots in Italy to the serene landscapes of the Coromandel, every step of his journey has left an indelible mark on his craft. As he continues to explore the intricate dance between tradition and innovation, one can only anticipate the beautiful narratives that will emerge from the skilled hands of this emerging ceramic artist.