Potter | Scott Brough

Potter | Scott Brough

My introduction to Scott was when he walked through the doors of Replete and told me he dabbled in pottery. My immediate response was “show me what you make, I’ll take it!”.  He was obviously more than a dabbler!

I felt like an element of his style was influenced by the potters of ancient Asia and Europe.

Scott was born in Devon, England and moved to Gisborne when he was fifteen. He now lives in the Hawkes Bay with his partner and their dog where along with pottery Scott also enjoys playing music and cooking.

Scott sees each part of the making process as an opportunity for expression - from choosing and preparing the clay body, the throwing and trimming, to the decoration and application of the glaze.

His style is quite fluid and he uses a range of different clays and glazes. He challenges himself by exploring different forms. Scott likes to balance the rawness of the materials with a feeling of softness which reveals itself through handling and use.

His favourite part of the process is working with a certain looseness that allows spontaneous lines and irregularities to occur at any stage of the making, it is recognising these moments that he finds most satisfying.

In 2017 Scott spent three months in Japan working as an assistant to wood fire ceramic artist, Masakazu Kusakabe. Following this he completed the Otago Polytechnic Diploma of Ceramic Art in 2018 with Louis Kittleson (whose work we sell) being his mentor in the final year.

Scott exhibits his work regularly throughout New Zealand, and his work was selected for the Premier Award at Uku ceramics Exhibition in 2018.