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Gardening season is in full swing in New Zealand, so we thought we would do a summary of all the Barebones Gardening Essentials that we have available at Replete. 


Garden Trowel 

Trowels are incredibly handy for digging in small spaces. The narrow, slightly scooped blade is perfect for installing bedding plants, moving soil, and digging holes for seedlings. A trowel is an essential tool in every gardener's arsenal. 


Square Hoe

The Barebones Square Hoe will quickly become one of the most used tools in your kit. It’s a wonderful trencher, hiller, and soil-patter. Use the square hoe to dig a long trench where seeds or transplants will be planted in a row like fashion. Hill up the soil over the seeds or around the seedlings roots. Then use the flat side of the hoe to gently pat the soil down around the plant so the seeds and roots are stabilized. Potato plants need to be continuously covered by a hill of soil throughout the season. When tending to potato crops, use the edge of the hoe to scoop and hill soil in a mound over the plant.  The square hoe is a wonderful tool for moving soil in order to maintain garden bed borders and rows.



Think of a cultivator as a stronger alternative to using fingers when you get the urge to rake, stir, and mix the soil with your hands. The prongs are ideal for stirring in fertilizer and compost, raking rocky soil to remove weeds, or raking soil and mulch smooth over the surface. In parts of the garden where soil is dense and clay-like, use the cultivator to aerate the soil by pushing the points of the prongs as deep as you can before adding compost to amend the soil.


Classic Work Glove 

Make quick, painless work of prickly plants, rough soil, dry bark, and grasp wooden tool handles with ease. Barebones re-creation of the classic work glove means maximum comfort, outdoor versatility, and quality protection. The keystone thumb stitch improves dexterity while shirred elastic back keeps gloves in place. Premium grain cowhide is soft, warm, and breathable.

*Handmade in Pakistan by Pakistani women in their homes.


Gathering Bag


Inspired by vintage orchard design, the Gathering Bag offers versatility in use, wearing, emptying and care. Its convertible straps allow for comfortable chest or back carrying, while its drop-out bottom makes quick work of emptying the harvest. Constructed of weather- and water-resistant paraffin waxed canvas and complete with a watertight removable liner, the Gathering Bag is the essential foraging and harvesting partner.